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Jeff Martin - August 18, 2019

7 Deadly Sins-Greed

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7 Deadly Sins - Greed
Luke 12:13-21
Sunday, August 18, 2019
Jeff Martin

Week 5 Pride- Week 7: Greed - The reason enough is never enough. In our Western culture of relative luxury, it can be hard to tell the difference between needs and wants. Is a functional computer a need or a want? What about shoes for different types of occasions? We are driven to succeed and hope that, when we do, we will use our status and wealth to advance the kingdom. But are our motives really so pure? Rather than wishing and working for more, we should strive to cultivate gratitude for what we already have.

7 Pecados Que Matan - Codicia
Lucas 12:13-21
domingo, 18 de agosto del 2019
Jeff Martin

7 Pecados Que Matan- Mátalos antes de que ellos te maten. Proverbios 26:11 dice: "Como perro que vuelve a su vómito, ", (y si has vivido en una granja, has visto que eso sucede), Así es el necio que repite su necedad." Para muchos de nosotros, el pecado tiene una naturaleza repetitiva. Es un hábito y nos odiamos a nosotros mismos por no poder romperlo. Satanás usa algunas de las mismas viejas tácticas o "carnada" para seducirnos y engancharnos al pecado. Cuando estamos alerta y conscientes de la carnada y la técnica, podemos evitar ser atrapados por ellos.

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7 Deadly Sins-Kill them before they kill you. Proverbs 26:11 says “As a dog returns to its vomit”, (and if you have lived on a farm, you have seen that happen) so a fool repeats his folly.” For many of us, sin has a repetitive nature to it. It is a habit and we hate ourselves that we cannot break it. Satan uses some of the same old tactics or “bait” to entice us and hook us into sin. When we are alert and aware of the bait and the technique, we can avoid being ensnared by them.

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